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Hemp, cannabis sativa, has been known as a versatile and sustainable cultivated plant for millennia. It is one of the oldest natural medicinal plants. In old medicine books, hemp is often referred to as Panaceas, which is tantamount to “all-healer”. Its valuable plant ingredients are used, among other things, in the preparation of food as well as in processing them into fragrances and care products. 

The seeds, for instance, are processed into edible oil, which contains valuable fatty acids. The stems and leaves are distilled into essential oils, which are suitable for the production of nourishing creams, soaps or balms. The hemp plant contains over a hundred so-called cannabinoids. The CBD (cannabidiol) used in the hemp balm CBD SKIN REVITALIZER is one of them, it is a substance which promotes the human body.

The essential oil is obtained from stems and leaves of the hemp plant. It is therefore ideal for the production of aromatics, cosmetics and care products, which present the rich and soothing properties of the cannabis sativa in their best fashion.

Our intensive care contains the antioxidant CBD. It contributes effectively to the regeneration and revitalization of the skin. We also use hemp seed oil which contains important amino acids as well as unsaturated fatty acids and represents another valuable source for a particularly nourishing formulation. 


CBD SKIN REVITALIZER is a mild care product with CBD (cannabidiol), which is obtained from the stems and leaves of the hemp plant, as its main active substance. The ample formula is further enriched with other valuable plant extracts from olives, sesame or sunflowers. 

Particularly suitable for the daily care, these natural ingredients support the regeneration ability of the skin in an intensive and strengthening way. The Omega 3 and 6 contained in CBD SKIN REVITALIZERS are rich sources of substantial fatty acids. They create a protective layer on the skin and thus protect it from drying out. Coarse and stressed skin areas become relaxed and smooth by gently massaging in the balm, muscles and joints feel freed. The nourishing properties have a soothing and revitalizing effect on the mind and body.

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