Our precision formulated products are more efficient and effective

Our focus is on the active herbal components of the medicinal plant Cannabis sativa.

Our research and development departments cooperate smoothly to quickly provide new and improved product solutions for the market. In the medium term, our goal is to generate germplasm whose final product meets the requirements of cannabis medicine, and moreover whose entire production process, from sowing the seed to final processing, fulfils the requirements of up-to-date and innovative cannabis farming, while simultaneously transforming it.

We likewise devote great attention to improving extraction technology, and we conduct research into technical innovation and more efficient production methods, with the interests of our customers in mind.

All research performed by Medropharm GmbH and its partners is directed toward enhancing human well-being.

This focus makes us a reliable partner for the manufacturing industry and its needs.

In-house production of both the extracts and the finished products derived from them has many advantages. We do business without resorting to intermediaries, and consequently we work efficiently and economically. Medropharm GmbH controls every step of production, from developing the germplasm via growing the fresh plant to the manufacture of the finished product, which we supply to industry.

This allows us to steadily optimise and adapt all processes and, if necessary, to issue a research contract to one of our partners in order to acquire new knowledge and incorporate it into our procedures.

We constantly invest in research projects for our customers, in order to foster their growth and their added value.

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