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The goal of health-care authorities must be to provide training to doctors, pharmacists and medical staff to make them familiar with the therapeutic range of cannabinoids and thus facilitate professional care for potential patients.

Furthermore, it is the duty of doctors and pharmacists to assist in providing effective care for their patients and customers. Patients can find the best possible treatment only through frank discussion with their doctors. However, an adequate legal basis is needed, which some countries lack. Moreover, medical personnel must be able to exchange scientific knowledge and receive suitable training, so that patients can expect proper treatment.

A doctor who dispenses advice must be in a position to issue or request prescriptions or special permits and to determine dosage and the duration of treatment.

In several countries prominent gaps must be filled, since few doctors are currently familiar with prescribing cannabinoids and medicinal cannabis for their patients. There is both a lack of experience with medicinal cannabis and cannabinoids and limited knowledge of proper dosage and administration routes. Also, most qualified personnel are unfamiliar with their side effect profile.

We at Medropharm Deutschland GmbH believe that supplying patients with what they need in accordance with their individual requirements is extremely important for the sustainability of our communities.

Much can be gained from unhampered reporting of new scientific discoveries and innovative treatment methods. By the same token, proper training of qualified personnel is the basis for a health care system that serves everyone.

If you have any questions regarding medicinal uses of cannabinoids, or would like to receive training, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to put you in touch with our medical network.

Professional consulting

It is well known that trust is the driving force for cooperation

If you have any questions regarding medicinal uses of cannabinoids, please do not hesitate to contact our medical network.

Dr Franjo Grotenhermen (MD)

Born in 1957, Dr Grotenhermen studied medicine in Cologne before achieving the title of Doctor of Medicine with the grade summa cum laude. His clinical work was in the fields of internal medicine, surgery and naturopathic medicine. His medical practice is in Rüthen (North Rhine-Westphalia), with particular focus on naturopathic techniques and therapy using cannabis and cannabinoids.

Dr Grotenhermen is president of the Cannabis as Medicine working group (ACM), founded in 1997, and managing director of the International Cannabis as Medicine working group (IACM), founded in 2000. Dr Grotenhermen publishes the IACM newsletter, which is published online every fortnight in six languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Italian) as well as the magazine Cannabinoids, which is published on IACM’s website.

Dr Grotenhermen works at the nova-Institute in Cologne in the Department of Renewable Materials and is the author of many articles and books on the therapeutic potential of hemp plants and cannabinoids and their pharmacology and toxicology. He is an expert in these fields for private individuals, pharmaceutical firms, law courts and international institutions.

If you are interested in treatment with Dr Grotenhermen, please request his information sheet for patients. Here you will find a brief overview of all relevant information concerning booking an appointment, preparing for the appointment, treatment costs and the likelihood of receiving an exemption for the use of cannabis via the pharmacy.

Contact details:

Dr. med. Franz Josef Grotenhermen
Am Mildenweg 6
DE-59602 Rüthen
E-Mail: praxis(at)
Telefon: 02952-9708573


Dr Manfred Fankhauser (D.Pharm)

Born in 1963 in Trub in the Emmental region of Switzerland, Manfred Fankhauser attended the School of Transport in Spiez before completing a commercial apprenticeship in Langnau. He subsequently returned to college in Bern and went on to study pharmacy. Since 1990, he and his wife have been running their own pharmacy in Langnau, specialising in the medicinal use of cannabis. He has taught the history of pharmacy at ETH University in Zurich since 2004.

In Switzerland, patients require the approval of the Federal Department of Health for their doctor to be able to prescribe them cannabis (in the form of a tincture) or the active substances in hemp, CBD and THC (cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol). Dr Fankhauser’s pharmacy, the Bahnhof Apotheke, is currently the only pharmacy in Switzerland allowed to process prescriptions for natural cannabis tincture and for dronabinol; it has therefore established a reputation in both Switzerland and beyond.

Approximately 200 patients are currently undergoing treatment using Dr Fankhauser’s hemp medication, and many people come from all across the country to receive professional advice in his pharmacy.

Thanks to the many enquiries concerning cannabis and its promising healing potential, Manfred Fankhauser is now in great demand as an expert in this field, one whose work now almost exclusively concerns cannabis and its healing properties.

Contact details:

Bahnhof Apotheke Drogerie
Dr. M. + B. Fankhauser-Jost
Dorfstrasse 2
CH-3550 Langnau
Telefon: 034 402 12 55
Fax: 034 402 64 42
Mail: fankhauser(at)

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